Dream bikes#1

di officinedada

My Ragley is getting older, and I am constantly looking around for the next hardtail. Luckily, loads of brands are heavily working on non suspended frameset, at least much more than some years ago. Here are some things that i find mandatory for my next bike:

  1. Longer top tube with shorter stem.
  2. 1×10 or 1×11 drivetrain.
  3. Fat but lightweight tires, to keep up with all those frail guys on full sussers.
  4. Shorter back end.
  5. Not too heavy, raceable but still able to do downhill and try jumps on some trails.

The first candidate is undoubtly the Mondraker Vantage rr plus. The standard one was already slack as hell and basically a weapon, but the fat tired one promises to roll over every thing. That, mated with the forward heometry that makes a monster toptube with nearly no stem, puts this bike above every other.

Only a couple of things keep me from running to the (bike) shops though. First off, the price is heinous: for 2300 quids (nearly 3400 euros, people!), you still get non xt brakes, so-so wheels and the reverb seatpost that I don’t like because prefer simpler units. So it will be frameset and then buildup. Possible adversaries are the Trek Stache, but its 29 plus wheels could be like drag around a cart without the horses, and the Specialized Fuse that is less inclined to descending but starts from a much cheaper price point.