The nights at Haldon

di officinedada

sirjohnIf you live where I live now, in the UK, the main bike activities during this time of year are two. One requires a road bike, a commute to or from work, greasy road and usually a nice amount of rain. The other one a proper mtb, quite nice trails, a liberal dose of rain. And darkness, being after work, better tackled with some powerful lights.

It’s a bit of a shame not being able to see the scenery, and I have never liked night riding that much. But, when you meet a close and fun group as the Southwest Cog Dogs, it takes a different shape. Instead of riding defensively, everybody tries to hold on to the fastest even without properly knowing what lies ahead. There are other things I’ve grown to love: seeing the light of other riders in distance, people you don’t know but feel like islands of humanity in a sea of obscurity. To come out of a technical section to see the people you know waiting for you, to meet other people on the trail and feel not indifference but happyness. The night changes the point of view on different common things: trails, riders, places.